I think that as a country we like order. We love giving receiving, following and living in a world of order. Chaos comes unnatural to us, because even in the midst of wars we sip tea and gossip like time owes us and not us it. And it’s not that we don’t like chaos we thrive off it – chaos is what created our governmental powers because to have order there has to be chaos. No what we don’t like is hassle and hassle is limited through order. And so we used our misplaced P’s and Q’s in an alphabet orchestrated where our words are just spelling used to cast spells on a public that eats up orders to avoid hassle. Queue up, so there’s no crowd. Move up on the bus, so there’s space. Bike lanes. Walk up the stairs on the left. Stand on the escalator on the right so chaos can pass you. Vaccinate so you can travel. but even more. Give your body and mind to order so you don’t have to feel your own chaos. Work schedules, study schedules, going out schedules, life schedules. fill up your diary’s and planner’s with To Do lists and half dreams with back up plan upon back up plan. I see it, I feel it. Spectating this culture from the place of another, now I’m out of place. Watching my chaos battle the order from the outside. does that make me safe from it? more aware? – or does it make me feel the chaos even more.

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