In my future I want to live on a boat. I want to feel the constant will of the earth of the waves. The restless flow of life. I want to share my home with loved and love and a shared heart. I want to create. I want to create feelings and make others feel because that is the most human thing we can do. Feel and love and cry and hate and all over again. The restless flow of life. In this world we have allowed our humanity to be desensitized, our feelings, our love, our shared hearts. Give in to the flow. Let yourself feel again. The restless flow of life.

And in this flow I am brought back to origin, our origin is life. We experience life through feeling. I think the miracle of life is that we are able to experience and recognise it as a gift a miracle even. And when we become absorbed with indifference we are blinded to that gift. Because maybe our opposites are the same. The same hate is derived from love because we know what it is to hate from the difference of love. Let’s look at them the same and appreciate every feeling as an experience of life to live in our own miracles. The restless flow of life.

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